Greetings! Thank you to all the visitors of the Lift up a Standard web page. The ministry is growing and we invite you all to continue to learn and grow with us in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ on our new web page!
Greetings! Thank you to all the visitors of the Lift up a Standard web page. The ministry is growing and we invite you all to continue to learn and grow with us in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ on our new web page!

About The Ministry 

We thank and praise God for the manifold blessings that He has bestowed upon us over the years. We like to thank God for blessing Elder Jeff Brown through 13 years of pastoring the Holiness Church. At the Holiness Church we don’t acknowledge “church anniversary” per say, because we believe that the church started on the day of Pentecost. We thank God that He allowed us to branch off on the vine and establish a ministry striving to save souls, men and women everywhere that will believe the Gospel and have a desire to do what God has called them to do according to Acts 2:38; repent of their sins, be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and then strive to live Holy, according to what has been documented in the Holy Scriptures. We are sincere about our message and sincere about this way of holiness. God is not to be played with. God has established a people and called them a church. A group of like minded people to believe the Gospel and come out of a way of pride, arrogance, a way of self righteousness, educating themselves with their ideology and philosophies and subject themselves to the teachings of Christ. For those people who do that, we call that entity the church. A people that are mindful of God’s way and God’s Word. When you are mindful of God’s way and God’s Word you are starting to live by the doctrine, the teachings of Christ. When you start living by the teachings of Christ, you can lay aside the weight in the sins that so easily beset us, when you got a mind to learn of Him. When you have a mind to learn of Him, He’ll give you good doctrine. Peace be!

Humble Beginnings:

It was the first Sunday of May 1991 a young Jeff Brown was invited to the Refuge Church of Christ, located at 52nd & Race Streets in West Philadelphia under Bishop Lymus Johnson. That Sunday would change his life. On June 23, he was baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and tarried until October 31st when the Lord filled him with the gift of the Holy Ghost according to Acts 2:4. It was very obvious God had work for this young man to do. Demonstrating his hunger and thirst for knowledge and truth, he was ordained a deacon at the Evangelist Convention. Deacon Jeff began to study and grow, and God made room for his gifts in teaching and preaching as a deacon. He soon had a reputation for hi strong stand on the Apostles Doctrine and became known as a “Dogmatic Preacher”, making more enemies than friends. Just as the Apostle Paul, he remained steadfast and unmovable enduring the persecution. In 1998 Deacon Jeff Brown was asked by the late Bishop James Lewis, Pastor and Apostolic Church of the True Yokefellow, to come work as a Minister. After two dedicating years of laboring, on January 9, 2000 Bishop Lewis along with many other Elders laid hands upon him according to 1Timothy 4:14 and ordained Minister Jeff to Elder. 

Realizing the Harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few, Elder Jeff began bible study from the dinning room table of his Upper Darby home. His no-nonsense, untraditional way of opening up divine revelation and always leaving room to answer question, lead to the small sincere fellowship growing and God called Elder Jeff to Pastor. On March 3, 2002 without the traditional hooping, hollering or humming the Holiness Church of the Lord Jesus Christ had its first service in the basement of his Upper Darby home. He had a vision to obtain a building, which required many months of physical and financial hardships. But through much praying, fasting, court dates and even denial from the zoning board, Pastor Brown continued to believe God. After almost two years, in October 2004 the Holiness Church began rendering at 531 Long Lane, Upper Darby PA. We thank and Praise God for blessing the Holiness Church, both naturally and spiritually. Having obtained help from the Lord, we continue until today! Please keep the Holiness Church in your sincere prayers as we look to the Lord, the Author and Finisher of  our faith. God Bless and Peace Be unto you. 


God called men of God, NOT women to preach the gospel in and out of season. The gospel is supposed to come against us, so much that it brings a man or woman to his or her knees and ask God for help. Being a man of God, God called us to preach His Word and to hold up His Holy standard. We see that the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.  A whole lot of people are opening their mouth, but there are only a few telling the people what they must do and what they need to do! Instead of God’s true and holy Word, they are preaching a compromised gospel message, giving words of encouragement to make the people feel good. But when you get into the root of the matter, God’s Word comes against us. The Word comes against us because our nature is against God’s nature. He is spirit and super, we are natural and flesh. Something has to change and we know God is not changing because He is a God that changes not. Change has to come from within a human being, a man and a woman needs to repent.

What we Preach: Their was a man that went to the cross and died for your sins. That man that went to the cross and died for your sins, we call the Son of God. We call Him the Son of God because God manifested in the flesh. God is a spirit, He was manifested in the flesh because their wasn't a human being born of a man and a woman that could redeem us from our sinful state. We were conceived in sin and shapen in iniquity, its a simple message. Now being born like that we need, we need to be born again. Some may ask, “why we we born like that?”, because the first Adam and his wife Eve sinned, and there sin separated them from God.                    

Because we were born of a man and a woman, we are born like them, separated from God. So the only way we can get back to God is through the bridge builder, The Lord Jesus Christ, The high Priest! Now if you can believe the holy scriptures, the bible, to be the Word of God, this guides us right to the cross. Now some may ask, “why does it guide me to the cross?”, because the cross is going to bring us back together with God. In order to get back to God, you must believe that a man died for sins, the Son of God. He was buried and rose up on the third day, to let us know the power of God has the victory over the grave, over hell, and over death. If we believe in Him we can resurrect from the dead also, spiritually and naturally. It’s not deep information. 

Adam lost it spiritually and then naturally, a spiritual death for Adam then a natural death! So now if I got to get it back, I gotta get it back in the same order. I must get my spiritual resurrection first before I get my natural resurrection. I am spiritually dead because Adam and Eve became spiritually dead. I can get my spiritual resurrection back by the preaching of the gospel and the Holy Ghost. He quickened us that were dead in our trespasses and sins, so I got my spiritual resurrection, so now I can get my natural resurrection, they had a spiritual death and a natural death. So now they are unified, who brings it together? Jesus!!! It’s not hard to understand, people just don't believe it. Jesus came to the world for sin! Sin is a reproach to any people, to sin is to transgress God Almighty’s Holy Word. Sin is the issue, the world loves darkness rather than light. The world doesn’t want to stop sinning and people of the world  don't believe Jesus came here and died for their sins, it’s just that simple.

Contact Us

Holiness Church
531 Long Ln
Upper Darby, 1642 19082

Phone: 610-394-0401


The way to Jesus:

  • Believe in the name of Jesus 
  • Repent in the name of Jesus 
  • Be baptized in the name of Jesus 
  • Call on the name of the Lord Jesus until you get His Spirit that was in Him while He was here on earth!

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