Greetings! Thank you to all the visitors of the Lift up a Standard web page. The ministry is growing and we invite you all to continue to learn and grow with us in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ on our new web page!
Greetings! Thank you to all the visitors of the Lift up a Standard web page. The ministry is growing and we invite you all to continue to learn and grow with us in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ on our new web page!

Lift Up A Standard Broadcat Ministry

Our purpose for the Lift Up a Standard Broadcast Ministry, is to do just that, lift up a standard for the people. God has standard of righteousness and holiness, that’s His calling for the human family to come up to.  The only way we can come up to this holy standard, is to follow God’s eternal and divine Word. This thing is sealed up and hid in heaven, but it is open to those that have a mind to study the scriptures. God will reveal his way to the human family.

For the sinning man and or a sinning woman: we have one message for you; and that is for you to repent of your sins and obey the Gospel, get baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. A sinner is one who lives a lifestyle that is continually committed to things that are against the will of God. Are you tired of living the way of the world? Are you tired of the devil having his way in your life? God wants you to get your mind on Him and communicate with Him. We must change our minds because the mind leads and guides us! The devil confuses the mind of the human family. Do not allow the devil to continue to deceive you into thinking that you can continue to live your life pleasing to yourself and not Almighty God! Being morally good does not get you into heaven, God’s will must be done: Believe, Repent, Be Baptized in the name of the Jesus, Seek Him for the Holy Ghost, Once you are filled, walk in the newness of life and Live Holy!! Living Holy is different from being morally right!

For the saints: we want to edify, encourage, and to let you know that you are doing something right: Living the way God created you to live! What we preach will edify and unify the Church and we hope the sinners will have a mind to repent. Understand that your adversary the devil roams the earth as a roaring lion to see whom he can devour! The devil can’t do nothing with God, so the next best thing is God’s people. The devil deceived Eve, what was going to be a consequence, he had her believe it was going to be a blessing. Satan’s mission is to exalt himself above God, wherever God is worshipped. Don’t be deceived, deception is truth falsified! It sounds like it’s true, but it is a lie. Holiness is a lifestyle completely obedient to a most Holy God. Our walk with the Lord should do all of the speaking for us, the life we live before the world is what shines light because we learned how to live depending on the Lord for everything! We should love like God wants us to love, he said by this men should know that ye are my disciples, by the love you have one for another. We gotta do it the way Jesus wants us to do it, then we can subject ourselves to the doctrine.

There is a greater being out there; that is greater than us. He knows all about us, He is everywhere and He is able to do ALL things. We want people to believe in that God! We don't want people to be hoodwinked and bewitched by witchcraft, there are many people coming up with all these different theories and things that are contrary to a holy and righteous God. He’s a good, loving, kind God that wants something from the human family….OBEDIENCE! He wants the human family to obey Him, but in order to obey Him, one must first believe Him, and not only believe Him, but believe in Him! 

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The way to Jesus:

  • Believe in the name of Jesus 
  • Repent in the name of Jesus 
  • Be baptized in the name of Jesus 
  • Call on the name of the Lord Jesus until you get His Spirit that was in Him while He was here on earth!

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